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Residential Projects:

  • Designed and renovated apartments and houses throughout the United States

  • Contracted a variety of projects, ranging from small spaces and small budgets to homes with extensive budgets

  • United States locations include: New York, Texas, California, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Florida, Connecticut, New Jersey, Washington, DC, Georgia, and Pennsylvania

    (a partial listing):

  • Mr. and Mrs. Roger Simons Residence, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barnes Residence, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

  • Miss Antonina Knell Residence, Dallas, Texas

  • Mrs. Donald Weinkauf Residence, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Completed Commercial Projects (a partial listing):

  • Weinkauf International Petroleum Corporate Offices, Tulsa, Oklahoma

  • The Waterford Five Star and Five Diamond Hotel, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

  • The Leonori, New York City, New York

  • 47 East 91st Street, New York City, New York

  • Trump Tower At City Center, White Plain, New York


Current Commercial Projects (a partial listing):

  • The Stanford, New York City

  • The Coliseum, New York City

  • The Dunhill, New York City

  • Drs. Ari and Cecily Dorros Residence, Baltimore, Md.



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